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About Us

We created this Non-Profit Organization (NPO 157-304) / Non-Profit Company (2015/356083/08) to promote our cause and inform people around the world about it.  This dream came from the founder of this organization  Mr. Morena Thebe in 2011 who saw the need to have a dedicated "Place of Safety or Centre" which will house and care for and attempt to address the social-ills in our society i.e.:

  • Elders Literacy
  • The Elderly and their well-being
  • Kids with parents behind bars.
  • Kids & Adults with disabilities
  • People living  with HIV/AIDS and those affected
  • Domestic violence victims
  • Supply school clothes and shoes to Child-headed households and the needy
  • Job security initiatives
  • Drugs and substance abuse
  • Distribute blankets and soup for winter warmth
  • Host Annual Elderly Christmas Party for Elders 70 years and Older


Our members are very diverse and united by their common interest. Find out who we are in our gallery, and join our family! Please join us and become one of our volunteers as an individual or as corporate volunteer. Simply follow a link to a Volunteers Form.